Who we are

AudioRally Sounddesign is an audio post production company based in the Netherlands. Founded and runned by Aline Bruijns since 2009. Specialized in sound design, sound effects & ambience  editing, foley fitting, dialogue directing & recording. Since 2019 Aline has been admitted as international member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors organization. She is also the Dutch chapter director of the international organization Soundgirls which started  2019 in the Netherlands. And in 2019 she also came on the board of the dutch association for film and tv sound called the VCA.  Aline is also a proud member of sound design and composers collective The Solos.  And next to that she is the co-host of the dutch podcast Klankmakers (Soundmakers), a podcast about people working in the dutch audio industry.

If possible we’d like to think along during the pre-production phase of a project and be involved not just as the audio post facility, but develop a superb synergy between image and sound. So your story gets told and supported by sound to your audience in the best possible way.


The AudioRally Sounddesign studio, designed and executed by company Mutrox is a joy to work in. The studio workspace daw is a pro tools HD system with a lynx Aurora N interface and a PSI 5.1 speaker surround setup.

If desirable or necessary AudioRally Sounddesign has a large network containing (other) great location sound recordists, sound editors, re-recording mixers, voice-actors and music composers.

So a project, big or small, can meet the expectations foreseen by a small or larger composed audio crew supervised by AudioRally Sounddesign